Controlled sharing of your health record

You can share all of your personal health record or specific areas of your health record with other users.

To share your health record;

1. Menu: Select 'View Health Record';

2. Decide which information you would like to share on your health record. 

i) To do this, you can use the 'Hide' toggle buttons next to some sections to hide the entire section

ii) Some sections also allow you to hide some information rather than hide the entire section. These sections have a 'cog' icon which if selected will open up a menu so that you can decide what to show or hide in that section.

iii) You can also use the date range function (top right of screen) to select a time period that you are only interested in displaying.

3. Once you have created the view you'd like to share, select the 'Save' option (top of page);

4. Enter a friendly name for the 'view' you have created;

Now you are ready to share your saved view;

5. Select 'Share' button (top of screen);

6. On the Share page, select the view that you would like to share from the first drop-down and complete the required fields;

7. Add people - enter the email address of the person or people you would like to share your chosen view with. For multiple email addresses, separate each email with a comma.

8. Set expiry date - add a custom expiry date or choose from the options available. Setting an expiry date will restrict the period that your health record can be accessed by people you have invited. 

9. Check the details you have entered and select the 'Send' option to invite people. 

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