How do I set reminders on more than 1 device?

Some users may be using the mobile application on more than one device, e.g. phone and tablet, and wish to receive their reminders on both these devices. 

Assuming you are using your phone to set a reminder for an appointment or medicine, the reminder will be automatically set on the phone that was used to create the reminder. Even though information about the appointment can also be viewed via the tablet application, the reminder notification will not have been set on the tablet itself. 

To ensure that the tablet will also notify you with alerts, you just need to perform the following steps:

1)  Open sub-menu

2) Tap on 'Reset Reminders' (Settings section)

3) Select 'Set reminders'

This will ensure that all your reminders are now activated on your tablet device too.

You can of course perform the same function on the phone if you had previously set your reminder alerts from your tablet. 

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