How do I control which emails I receive?

Some emails that you receive are system emails. These are deemed important emails that you will receive as part of the service we provide to you. These emails cannot be disabled by you (but you can choose not to receive them by setting preferences in your email client).

Other emails that you receive from us comprise useful insights around the data that you are recording on the platform and may provide general health tips from time to time. You can decide which of these emails you receive from us.


Emails that are sent from time to time when new data is added to your account or when you hit your daily goals.


Weekly summary based on information tracked from the previous week.


Monthly summary based on information tracked from the previous month.

To control which emails you receive;

1. Open the More sub-menu

2. Scroll down to 'Email Settings';

3. Select which emails you would like to receive;

4.  Select 'Save'.

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