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When using our forums, you agree to abide by the rules outlined below. Please read these rules carefully as failure to follow them may lead to your account being deactivated and any online activities suspended. We may update these rules from time to time so please do check them before posting.


When using our forums, you understand that:


· The information provided on this forum is designed to support members but is not a replacement for the direct relationship between patients and health professionals.


· Any public facing message can be read, used, reproduced and cited by all visitors to the Website or App.


· Any post can be used or reproduced for use outside the forums or on external websites, emails or printed materials.


· All information you post will be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and is representative of your personal experience – it is not formal medical advice.


· You must not deliberately resubmit content if you are aware that content has been removed by our moderators


· We have a zero tolerance policy on any form of spamming. If a member has been identified as SPAMMING or soliciting for commercial gain, the member will be deleted without any warning and their posts deleted.


· We assume no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, or failure to post messages.


· Forums are moderated and moderators have the ultimate authority over editing or deleting any comments and over continuing with or banning members from the community.



In addition, as a registered user, you agree:


· Not to respond to any request for analysis of diagnostic tests.


· Not to identify specific places of Business or Establishments.


· Not to submit or post material that is libellous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable in any manner or nature to the forums.


· Not to post personal information about other Forum Members on the site, including email addresses.


· Not to impersonate other individuals when you submit to the forums.


· Not to submit or post advertisements, commercial solicitations or identify specific places of Business or Establishments.


· Not to engage in Religious or Political discussions. Posts regarding these subjects will be reviewed by the moderator team to determine if it can remain.


· Not to make or encourage comments which are defamatory, false or misleading; insulting, threatening or abusive; obscene or of a sexual nature; offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups.


· Not to submit, post or link to copyrighted material without permission.


· Not to post specific physician names or health care facilities names on the forums.


· Not to write anything which could prejudice pending or on-going court proceedings of which you are aware. For example, if you have any personal knowledge about someone who has been arrested or charged or being prosecuted for an offence, you must not mention it. To do so could put you in contempt of court.

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